WHAT WE DO:  Branding Products & People

Image & Product Development 

​          Development of person and/or product with an emphasis on cohesive messaging, understanding audience, breaking through the clutter, awareness in targeted markets, use of television and digital outlets, website and is strong and clear, branding slogans, clever titles, potentially increasing sales and revenue. 

Marketing & Publicity

          Align your product or personality with the right messaging, image and audience.  Utilizing the right target magazines, websites and celebrity and social media community to create the broadest audience and following possible. 

Content Development, Sizzle Reel & Pitch

         We help you take your idea and turn it into a reality! Working side by side to develop your idea and create a pitch and sizzle reel to make your vision into a show.  Then we will work with our contacts within the industry to sell the best show for you to television, digital  and other multimedia outlets.

Creating Talent, Host & Expert Reels

        Beginning to end development and creation of reels for hosts and experts.  Knowing what the buyer is looking for gives us at Sirenia Media an edge. We will help you create the best reel to highlight what makes you unique and stand out among the many tapes that cross the desk of executives everyday. 

Coaching Talent

        Coaching for on camera, public speaking engagements, web content, etc.

Industry Contacts

        It's all about knowing the right people in the industry to make a dream become a reality!  We will get you face to face meetings with agents, managers, television executives, production and casting companies.

Social Media Awareness

        How to be perceived on the internet through well thought out social media campaigns, including content for daily postings, and optimizing traction for talent and/or your product to reach larger audiences.  We work with you to create the best webisodes, blogs, and provide the best content and image presentation.

Website Development

        Assistance in creating and tweaking your website, image and branding processes to cultivate your business and reach the target audience​. We decide together on messaging, slogans, and clear content and images for the website.  Our talented team of web developers  concentrate on the best web optimization and presentation of you and your product. 

1 or 2 Day Seminars (Los Angeles & New York City)

        Learn how to build your image and your business!  Whether it's your dream to be on television, promote your product, or set up the right meetings with the industry's top executives, we will teach you everything you'll need to know to be fully equipped.  Learn how to be on camera, how to read the teleprompter, how to create the right reel, and how to present yourself best at a casting call and meetings.  We will teach you interviewing skills, improve skills, assist you in defining who you are and how to get that out there, teach you the in's and out's of getting the right agent, setting up the right meetings with the right people, all while hearing great tales from our combined experience behind the scenes. 

WAYS TO do it : find the right program for you

Half or Full Day Private Intensive Programs

          Daily intensive session include a half or full day of private intensive consultation, focused entirely on your and your project.  This is an opportunity for you to have an exclusive work day for your project where we will dive deep into determining where you want to go, how to get there, and the best branding strategy for your ultimate goal.

Short Term Programs

          Short Term Programs start with a specific, targeted end goal and work agenda starting from one day to eight weeks of contracted work.

Long Term Programs

          Long Term Programs start at three months and range up to 12 months; contracts are reviewed and renewed every four months.